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Compensation due to the death of the seafarer

There was rather hard case we were dealing with and managed to claim the compensation for the family of the seafarer who has died aboard the vessel Theoxenia. I’ll describe the difficulties of the case....
гольбин юрист

The specific of work on the tankers. If it is risky?

Some young seafarers consider the tankage to be something special and outstanding, a place where great salaries are being paid if to compare with the dry-cargo vessels, a place where a substantial experience from the very start can be gained, as well as a much higher social status. Moreover, as...
компенсация моряку

100 000$ as a death compensation after the voyage

Another case out of the no-win category has been closed. A seafarer being aboard the ” Andean” vessel, is being signed off because of the health condition and is delivered to Odessa in a very bad state. In accordance with the examination, the seafarer had the lung cancer with some...