About myself

Golbyn Nickolay Illiych.

Human rights defender. Seafarers’ and migrant workers’ defender.


In 2000 graduated from the Law department of Mariupol Institute of Humanities by Donetsk National University by the speciality Jurisprudence.

In 2002 received honours degree of  Donetsk Academy of Management by speciality Economist. Currently is attached to the International Law and Comparative Analysis chair of the Koretsky Institute of state and law, where the work at the Candidate’s dissertation is about to be finished soon. During my study I was interned in law enforcement bodies and also in a law company, specializing in international law.

Since 2001 worked in a law company Urinter, the main specialization of which was international, marine, labor and trade law.

Since 2002 – 2007 worked as an inspector in International Transport Workers’ Federation in Ukraine (ITF). My main task was the vessels’ entering the seaports of Mariupol, Berdyansk, Kertch and Sewastopol inspection.

Since 2008 – a practical lawyer in the field of International, migration, marine, medical, labor rights.

During the whole period of my work, I initiated 34 vessel arrests in such countries as Georgia, Ukraine, Panama, Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Republic of South Africa, Spain and France.

I am a regular participant and a reporter on numerous international and scientific conferences.

A member of international organization Shiparrested Network.