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Cases when a marine lawyer is needed

The purpose of the present article is to construe to the seafarers what type of the legal expert is the marine lawyer and under what circumstances he should be hired. As well as to explain the difference between the marine lawyer and other types of lawyers.

There is a wrong stereotype that if either a seafarer or his family face any problems, they should obligatory hire merely marine lawyer. It’s completely wrong.

There are various problems. In the present article I want to dwell upon some of them, and also to explain what type of legal expert is needed in each particular case.


Arrest of the Ukrainian seafarers: trafficking of the illegal immigrants is strictly punishable

Recently the topic of the Ukrainian seafarers’ arrest for trafficking of the illegal immigrants has reached almost the highest point of its resonance in Europe. Huge imprisonment terms for the Ukrainian seafarers are really shocking from the point of view of ordinary, juridically illiterate person. They are deprived of liberty for hundreds years, which merely can’t be comprehended by an ordinary person. But from the juridical point of view, however, these terms are completely reasonable. Let’s consider for example Italy and Greece, which are the epicenter of detentions of the Ukrainian seafarers.

Speaking about Italy, it should be pointed out that in comparison with Greece, it’s legislation in respect to the imprisonment terms is rather loyal.


Infection for $27 000

A Ukrainian seafarer applied for help after the company refused to pay for neither sick leaves nor compensation.

Being aboard the vessel “Battersea Park”, our client felt sickness and was signed off due to the illness. As it happens traditionally in such cases the company took the position of not interfering and refused to negotiate with the seafarer as for his further treatment, accusing our client of concealing the very fact of decease.


$65 000 for getting sick with malaria

Another case was finished with the payment of compensation to my client. A Ukrainian seafarer working on Greek ship owner in the territory of Africa, had gotten sick with malaria and therefore was signed off due to the health condition.

Unfortunately for the seafarer first medical aid was provided not duly and as a consequence further treatment was ineffective, because malaria wasn’t diagnosed by the doctors at once. As a result, the seafarer was sent to Ukraine where he continued his treatment.


морской юрист

Double compensation and 150 000$

It was a rare case, but nevertheless possible, we managed to achieve double compensation for a family of tragically died Ukrainian seafarer, aboard the vessel belonging to the Greek shipping company. The most remarkable is that we managed to do it without both vessel arrest and initiation of judicial proceeding.

The circumstances of the case: Ukrainian seafarer dies tragically under mistirious circumstances on his working place. Multiple fractures proved the falling from the height. The company took the standard position- we know nothing and he is guilty himself. It’s a usual matter for the ship owners to deny their responsibility.


Feet injury for 50 000$

In January 2018 Ukrainian seafarer injuried badly his feet aboard the vessel ” BF PHILIPP”. After that he was hospitalised and undergone numerous operations.

Notwithstanding the heaviness of the injury, the company was doing its best to prolong the process of payment the sick leave compensation and ignored the seafarer’s requests to cover medical expenses, which has become the reason for application for my assistance.


Sad statistics concerning the employment

I decided to derogate a little bit from the compensation due to injury topic and to write an article on the return of money from the crewing companies, illigal mediators.

If to take the matter seriously, you can see that 90% of all Ukrainian seafarers paid money for their employment at least once in their lives. Many people pay all their life long for the employment, and many sometimes overpay for the opportunity to go to the sea right here and right now.

Moreover, for the opportunity to go to the sea for the first time as a cadet without due wages, the seafarers are prepared to pay several thousand dollars.

In no case I’m going to judge whether it is good or bad, however, if the seafarers are ready to pay for the employment, the present situation will go on and on.

It’s important for the service to have been paid, to be duly done, but unfortunately it’s not always so.


Is there a chance to return wages?

The most frequent applies to the marine lawyers are the issues concerning outstanding wages. This is the basic problem of the seafarers. And unfortunately, it’s not always possible for the seafarers to stand out their rights and return earned money.

In the present article I want to draw the seafarer’s attention to the principal issues in the argument with the ship owners.

There are only few variants for outstanding wages: