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A unique case: compensation for a newborn child

It must be the most interesting case I’ve ever had in my practice – a compensation for a child who was born after his father’s death.

The Ukrainian seafarer dies tragically in the Great Britain on his way to the vessel. After his death he leaves his mother and a pregnant wife.

I won’t describe the process of getting compensation by the relatives of the dead seafarer. It is not the subject of this article. I’ll describe what we’ve managed to do next.

In 6 months after the tragical death of the Ukrainian seafarer, his baby is being born, and taking into account that he has been conceived in the official marriage, we still had to pass the procedure of proving the fact in the Ukrainian court.

As soon as we had all the documents on us, we settled our claim in the address of the ship owner and the insurance company in the interest of the newborn child, and we were proving the fact that the child is also entitled to be compensated.


BBC CITRINE: over 250 000$ loss

One more case of mine has come up to its end. If you follow my articles and information I’m posting attantively, you’ll be able to recollect the case dealing with the BBC CITRINE vessel arrest.

We had arrested the vessel in the interest of the Ukrainian seafarer due to the company’s unwillingness to peacefully settle the issue. To be more exact, not completely unwillingness, but dragging out of the settlement process. I.e. for about three months we had been told that we are about to come to the agreement, but in fact nothing was going on.


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The specific of work on the tankers. If it is risky?

Some young seafarers consider the tankage to be something special and outstanding, a place where great salaries are being paid if to compare with the dry-cargo vessels, a place where a substantial experience from the very start can be gained, as well as a much higher social status. Moreover, as the seafarers see it, if you have been on the tanker, you would not be scared of any kind of labour any more, because it goes without saying that you are required, because you are the genuine elite.


компенсация моряку

100 000$ as a death compensation after the voyage

Another case out of the no-win category has been closed. A seafarer being aboard the ” Andean” vessel, is being signed off because of the health condition and is delivered to Odessa in a very bad state. In accordance with the examination, the seafarer had the lung cancer with some brain metastasis. The treatment didn’t bring to improvement, and in 2,5 months after signing off he died.


уйти в рейс

How to go to the sea or a manual for the purchased diplomas

The present article is a little bit unusual for me, but I’ll try to handle it. It’s not a secret that many “seafarers” have purchased their diplomas and are eager to conquer the seas and the oceans.

I’m not going neither judge nor accuse the rightness and lawfulness of such diplomas purchasing. It’s not a topic for discussion up to now. We’ll talk about the opportunities of going to the sea for the first time by this means.

It’s important to realize, that rank and file from Ukraine is not so much required there. Why so? There are various reasons: alcohol abuse, violation of labour discipline, ignorance of language etc. As well as trivial – the Philippines are much cheaper than the Ukrainians.


If the seafarers have any chance?

I’d like to hold on a little bit on the situation with the arrest of the vessel “Lady Boss” in the Spanish harbour with Ukrainian seafarers aboard.

I’ll remind you the situation. During the inspection aboard there were found 600 sacks of cannabis, total weight 18 tonnes.

It’s a clear thing, that the whole crew has been detained and presently the crew members’ relatives are attempting to call for our International Affairs Ministry as well as for everyone who is able to assist in rescuing of the Ukrainian seafarers from Spain.

As my practice shows, there is a chance to be released, but not everyone has it.