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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Dear friends, the year 2018 comes to its end! For this year we all have become wiser and more successful. I’m sure, for each of you it has brought more experience in both life and professional spheres. In the year coming to the end, we’ve learnt a lot, gained something,...
ITF договора

ITF agreements sometimes just hinder

Для любого моряка кроме основной цели – уйти в рейс, есть и другая цель – уйти в рейс на хороший контракт. Гарантией того, что контракт хороший, моряки считают наличие коллективного договора ITF на судне, на которое они трудоустроены. И отчасти моряки правы. Правы с точки зрения некой гарантии для них оплаты...
адвокат морской

Cases when a marine lawyer is needed

The purpose of the present article is to construe to the seafarers what type of the legal expert is the marine lawyer and under what circumstances he should be hired. As well as to explain the difference between the marine lawyer and other types of lawyers. There is a wrong...