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адвокат морской

Cases when a marine lawyer is needed

The purpose of the present article is to construe to the seafarers what type of the legal expert is the marine lawyer and under what circumstances he should be hired. As well as to explain the difference between the marine lawyer and other types of lawyers. There is a wrong...

Arrest of the Ukrainian seafarers: trafficking of the illegal immigrants is strictly punishable

Recently the topic of the Ukrainian seafarers’ arrest for trafficking of the illegal immigrants has reached almost the highest point of its resonance in Europe. Huge imprisonment terms for the Ukrainian seafarers are really shocking from the point of view of ordinary, juridically illiterate person. They are deprived of liberty...

Infection for $27 000

A Ukrainian seafarer applied for help after the company refused to pay for neither sick leaves nor compensation. Being aboard the vessel “Battersea Park”, our client felt sickness and was signed off due to the illness. As it happens traditionally in such cases the company took the position of not...