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A compromise compensation in a no-win case

Another example of a no-win case resulting in a compromised compensation in the amount of $30 000. Why have I called the case no-win? Because the seafarer is 60 years old, his disease is an insult, and besides he is involved in not the best club of the social security...

Increasing of the compensation sum – there are always some options

I’m very often asked how it is possible to increase the compensation sum and break through the sum frames predisposed under the contract. The answer is pretty easy: you can’t follow only one and the same way in solving the problems of the seafarer. Before taking up the case, I...

Suicide and the payment of €100 000

One more no-win case, resulting in a fair compensation. As I’ve written before, there is such a notion as “no-win case”. These are the cases when the position of the ship owner to refuse in compensation is known beforehands....