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Infection for $27 000

A Ukrainian seafarer applied for help after the company refused to pay for neither sick leaves nor compensation. Being aboard the vessel “Battersea Park”, our client felt sickness and was signed off due to the illness. As it happens traditionally in such cases the company took the position of not...

$65 000 for getting sick with malaria

Another case was finished with the payment of compensation to my client. A Ukrainian seafarer working on Greek ship owner in the territory of Africa, had gotten sick with malaria and therefore was signed off due to the health condition. Unfortunately for the seafarer first medical aid was provided not...
морской юрист

Double compensation and 150 000$

It was a rare case, but nevertheless possible, we managed to achieve double compensation for a family of tragically died Ukrainian seafarer, aboard the vessel belonging to the Greek shipping company. The most remarkable is that we managed to do it without both vessel arrest and initiation of judicial proceeding....