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морской юрист

A unique case: compensation for a newborn child

It must be the most interesting case I’ve ever had in my practice – a compensation for a child who was born after his father’s death. The Ukrainian seafarer dies tragically in the Great Britain on his way to the vessel. After his death he leaves his mother and a...

130 000 € compensation for the loss of work capacity

Another case has resulted in the compensation for the seafarer in the amount of 130 000€. I would like to stipulate at the very beginning, that it was not merely attributable to us, but to a team work of lawyers from different firms....

BBC CITRINE: over 250 000$ loss

One more case of mine has come up to its end. If you follow my articles and information I’m posting attantively, you’ll be able to recollect the case dealing with the BBC CITRINE vessel arrest. We had arrested the vessel in the interest of the Ukrainian seafarer due to the...