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Is there a chance to return wages?

The most frequent applies to the marine lawyers are the issues concerning outstanding wages. This is the basic problem of the seafarers. And unfortunately, it’s not always possible for the seafarers to stand out their rights and return earned money. In the present article I want to draw the seafarer’s...

Compensation in amount of 82 000$ US for the foot injury

In 2017 a Ukrainian seafarer, being aboard the vessel “Shoveler”, injured heavily his feet, which resulted in long incapability of walking by himself. After numerous operations abroad and long recovering treatment in the territory of Ukraine, the seafarer hasn’t yet regained his work ability....

97 000 $ for the injury aboard the vessel

One more case of mine, which was about to bring to the vessel arrest. Aboard the vessel CFS Pagola for the several days before being signed off, a Ukrainian seafarer gets injury. In order to secure himself and take off any responsibility from himself, the ship Master has refused to...