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The basic principle of my work is NO WIN NO FEE. That means that I work only for the result. That is I take neither prepayment nor any case expenses.

The fee is only paid after my client’s receiving the money on his account

Thus I work for the result. The fee depends only on the result but not otherwise.

Why this very system?

Before getting down to the case, I always estimate its risks and prospects, and if I take it on, my client doesn’t have any expenses and only looks forward to the final result.

Besides, I’m not only trying to collect the compensation, but always attempt to search legal way to increase the target sum and even make it much bigger than it is stated in the contract.

Why do I succeed?

The answer is simple. 20 year experience in this field. Considerable experience in vessels arrest abroad. Knowledge of not only Ukrainian, Russian and former USSR legislation, but international law and also national legislation of many European countries and so on.


During my professional activity I took part more 35 vessel arrests. Only in 2015-2020 10 vessel arrests abroad were initiated by me. And all my clients received compensations in full.

For 20 years of practice the sum of outstanding wages in my clients’ favor is more than $10 000 000.

The percentage of my successful cases is 91,2%

That is 9 out of 10 cases I’m getting down to are successful for my clients.

People can like me or not but no one can tall that Nykolay Golbin is incompetent in solving his clients’ problems.