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компенсация моряку

What should be the amount of compensation due to injury

Very​frequently I return to the same question: the amount of the compensation due to the injury aboard the vessel. And I always hesitate to tell the exact sum for the following reasons.

When communicating with the seafarers I always suggest the possible ways of solving the problem and variants of compensation sums, but it’s always for seafarers to decide.

All the marine lawyers in the majority of cases primary take into account the contract of employment and the sums stipulated in it, and I’m not the exception.   But there is always opportunity to get the increased sum of compensation, that is: if there is a choice of getting the increased sum of compensation, it’s very hard to predict the total amount of money as a result.


Help for seafarers in getting outstanding wages

In today’s crisis for our country time the seafarers are looking for any opportunity of employment abroad, for any good vessel and fair contract. But unfortunately some easiest issues are forgotten during the job search, and the seafarer can sign a contract with an unknown ship owner advised by some unknown agents. I can divide my article on help for seafarers in getting outstanding wages into two parts.

The following advices will help the seafarers not to get into trouble and provide the help in the case if they have already got into it.