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Elisions of crewing companies

Extremely rare I write about the crewing and almost never take part in the ” warfairs” against the employment mediators, but I’m noticing an unwelcome tendency.

Almost at each conference the crewing companies’ heads extremely passionately try to prove that they always stand on the seafarer’s side, and if the seafarer has been abused, crewing is the first to help and stretch the assisting hand.

That’s why I would particularly like to dwell on this very brotherly help and stretched hand.

I wouldn’t have started writing this article if it was a single case, but during this year only there were 5 appeals from the seafarers concerning the crewing “help” in the solution of the problem. I will not describe all the possible situations, but I’d rather stop on the definite actions in definite cases.

A standard situation. The seafarer gets an industrial injury aboard. He gets back home and is being treated for 4 months. Haven’t been completely recovered, is being tempted to the company’s persuasions and assurances in the uniqueness of the seafarer himself and their readiness to take him aboard in a week.

Having failed the medical examination, the seafarer solves the problem by means of money and gets FIT FOR DUTY certificate. After that he is waiting for his contract for half a year or a year, continuing treatment.

As you see, there was application as for injured seafarer from the company’s side, and the seafarer himself has been practically exempt from the right to require any compensation due to the loss of  a working capacity as the medical certificate has been bought and the seafarer was acknowledged to be fit for duty.

The maximum he can account for is a partial coverage of his expenses and even those only official conclusion of the competent commission on the stating of the persistent percentage of work capacity loss.

There are still some cases when the seafarer after buyingng of the medical examination manages to be employed aboard the same vessel, but by unknown reasons he is signed off due to the health condition, and to be exact due to inability to perform his professional duties because of the old injury.

In this case the seafarer is also exempt from the right to getting maximum compensation, even if his health condition doesn’t allow working in the sea any longer.

Why do the crewings act like this and keep persuading the seafarer in his being employed if he passes the medical examination?

There is only one answer for this – the crewing works on the ship owner’s side and his only employer is the Company but in no way the seafarer. And subsequently the less problems causes the seafarer, the best for the crewing and the ship owner.

Conclusion is the only one : your health is supreme. Don’t be cheated by those who stand only their own and the ship owner’s interests. As the practice proves it, the seafarer’s and the ship owner’s interests are extremely diverse. Try always to keep it in mind!

3 thoughts on “Elisions of crewing companies

  1. ДА это правда не один крюинг не будет защищать моряка они могут только угрожать распространять ложь и устраивать непреднамереное преследование со стороны людей не имеющих своего мнения.

  2. Скажите, а если на судне (круизном) случаются нарушения бизнес этики (я слышал HR там такие случаи разбирает довольно предвзято), агентство или компания нарушает договоренности о сроках контракта – это доказуемо (имеются аудиозаписи и переписки) или это «мелочь» и «издержки производства»? Да, компания шла тоже на некоторые уступки и привилегии, но и нарушений было немало. Я знаю по закону компания не имеет права давать контракт со сроком больше 10(11) мес без 2(3) мес перерыва.

    1. Здравствуйте, Константин!
      Относительно сроков контракта на круизных судах. Если на круизных судах нет коллективного договора, да и при его наличии в принципе тоже – данное нарушение не несет какой-то сильной финансовой ответственности у компании. Точнее сказать – фактор переработки будет учитываться только в случае получения травмы или заболевания на судне. В этом случае переработка – это отягчающий фактор в суде для компании.
      В иных случаях, переработка по контракту – это бесспорно НАРУШЕНИЕ, но реалии таковы, что никакой финансовой ответственности компания не несет за это.
      Если взять за основу практику, а не теорию, где говорится о непрепустимости работы свыше нормы или в нарушение условий национального законодательства, или конвенций, то на практике довольно редко компания привлекается к финансовой ответственности.

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