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Arrest of the vessel BBC CITRINE

A seafarer from Mariupol applied to us for consultation as for compensation due to spine injury which occurred aboard the vessel BBC CITRINE.

The seafarer was signed off the vessel due to the spine injury and was delivered to the hospital; afterwards it was made the decision about his repatriation to Ukraine for further medical treatment.

Notwithstanding the grave nature and the consequences of the injury, the ship owner confined himself only to the sick leave for several months coverage. The seafarer was refused in compensation.


арест судна

If there is a chance?

A seafarer from Kertch, who had been employed aboard the fishing vessel under Ukrainian flag – homeport – Illichyvsk (Tchernomorsk) applied to us for legal aid.

According to the documents an African company was assigned as the employer.

Being in Namibia in the performance of his official duties, the seafarer gets serious head injury and being unconscious is delivered to the local hospital.

According to medical records, the injured person has got appropriate treatment and was suitable for transportation to the Motherland.


Panos Creation

Information for the seafarers from the Panos Creation vessel

The Panos Creation vessel had been arrested and after the court decision was sold at the beginning of the previous year in Durban, South African Republic. At the moment of arrest the crew consisted of the Philippines, but also two Ukrainians were there.

The sale procedure and, to be exact, the formalities and full demands calculation is very lengthy. As a matter of fact, non-payment of outstanding wages on this vessel is just one of company’s debts. Besides, there are both trial and lay-up expenses.


The Free Neptune’s case prospects

It must be the mostly discussed in the seafarers’ environment  vessel for the last year, as the relatives of the abandoned crew members are trying to do their best to attract all possible attention of various organizations to the problem of non-payment of  wages.

I’ll remind that it deals with the outstanding wages of hundred thousands dollars to the members of two crews.


арест судна

Vessel arrest and seafarers assistance

Vessel arrest might be the most effective method of outstanding wages collecting or compensation collecting due to the loss of seafarer’s work capacity.

But still, to my mind, the vessel arrest is an extreme method to be used only when all the other arguments have been exhausted.

I personally for my long-standing practice of seafarers assistance, took part in more than 35 vessels arrests. I and my team seating at computer in the office managed to arrest and detain vessels in such countries as South Africa, France, Great Britain, Panama, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine and others.