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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Dear clients, colleges and the blog readers! From all my heart I congratulate you on the New 2018 year!

The whole year I and my team have been working hard for the sake of the seafarers and their families, to protect their interests against dishonest employers, and all the cases we took on were brought to the end, and our clients were satisfied with the result.

In the new year we will try to do our best twice more for everyone who applies for our help to get 100% and even more, use of it! Because we always work only in favour of the seafarers. Any time and from any distance the seafarers can always rely on our support, we will always consult you and give the best advice how to act in this or that situation, and you can always count on us.

In the 2018 let be multiplied all the best acquired in the year passed, let the symbol of the New year guarantee that only loyal, reliable, faithful and loving people to be next to you.

I wish you to have in the New year some new discoveries – personal, in career, material and for you in no case to feel sorry about the way you have spent your 2018 year.

Good health to everyone, kindness to every heart, happiness and good income to your home, and clear and peaceful sky above your head!

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