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97 000 $ for the injury aboard the vessel

One more case of mine, which was about to bring to the vessel arrest.

Aboard the vessel CFS Pagola for the several days before being signed off, a Ukrainian seafarer gets injury. In order to secure himself and take off any responsibility from himself, the ship Master has refused to compile the Incident report, and assured the seafarer that everything would be all right, and that all had been done for the seafarer to get a good compensation.

Having arrived to Ukraine, my client has passed the course of treatment, but despite of this was acknowledged to be the invalid of the 3d group. However, he was refused in compensation under the pretext of the absence of the official entry concerning his injury aboard.

Moreover, the Master fabricated the master report and the evidence of the crew members. We were produced the reports and the signatures of the persons who have neither signed nor even seen these papers.

After the Master was accused in concealing the fact of injury and after my producing all proving documents, the trading had begun.

For more than two months the negotiations on the settlement of our argument have been lasting. However, the resulting sum of compensation hasn’t satisfied my client. As a result, we started getting ready to the vessel arrest, which was announced to the ship owner and the insurance company.

Therefore, to avoid the vessel arrest, my client was offered the compensation in the amount of 97000$ US, which fully satisfied him. Currently the process of preparing money for remitting on the account of the seafarer has been launched.

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