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Compensation in amount of 82 000$ US for the foot injury

In 2017 a Ukrainian seafarer, being aboard the vessel “Shoveler”, injured heavily his feet, which resulted in long incapability of walking by himself. After numerous operations abroad and long recovering treatment in the territory of Ukraine, the seafarer hasn’t yet regained his work ability.

Despite of the heaviness of the injury, the ship owner strongly refused to negotiate on the compensation, and accounted for the seafarer’s unwillingness to claim the company. The basic argument of the ship owners in the similar situations is the statement that a great amount of money was spent on treatment abroad.

After having entered into the negotiating process, the company’s ritorics was changed and it has followed the offer of 5000$ as a compensation. The ship owner and the insurance company accounted for my client to agree on this sum and weave off all his claims.

In general, I won’t describe long all the events which followed and the manner of the negotiations. But the fact is as follows- the seafarer has agreed to accept the compensation in amount of 82000$ as full and complete settlement of the argument between the parties.

The conclusion is- never be on the bit with the company and don’t agree with the opinion imposed to the seafarers. Their goal is to pay the compensation satisfying the interests of the company. Your goal is to get compensation satisfying your interests.

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