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Cases when a marine lawyer is needed

The purpose of the present article is to construe to the seafarers what type of the legal expert is the marine lawyer and under what circumstances he should be hired. As well as to explain the difference between the marine lawyer and other types of lawyers.

There is a wrong stereotype that if either a seafarer or his family face any problems, they should obligatory hire merely marine lawyer. It’s completely wrong.

There are various problems. In the present article I want to dwell upon some of them, and also to explain what type of legal expert is needed in each particular case.

1. Family problems of the seafarer, including divorce process, aliments, division of property.

For this category of cases the lawyer, attorney, a person specializing in these particular cases is needed. In other words, the specialist in civil law or civil attorney.

2. The problems of the seafarer concerning illegal immigrants and drugs trafficking abroad.

For this category of cases only attorney located in the country of detention or arrest, specializing in criminal law is needed.

It’s mistake to consider, that hiring a marine lawyer can help you. It’s wrong. The above case is referred to criminal law and you need a specialist in criminal law of the country where the offense took place. Only acting this way one can stand any chance. The marine lawyers are the specialists in the field of international law, and employment of marine lawyer from Ukraine for solution of problems in Greece or Italy will nevertheless bring to hiring a lawyer in Greece or Italy. The question is: why should one pay twice for both the marine lawyers and the specialist in criminal law.

3. The problems of the seafarers dealing with compensation, sick leaves or outstanding wages.

This is the exact sphere of the marine lawyers. Besides, all the marine lawyers are extremely sceptical towards the ‘civil’ lawyers taking this sort of cases. The reason for this scepticism is very simple: these cases will need further remaking as it’s very specific market and specific knowledge is necessary here rather than general understanding of the law.

I’ll say it again, the main goal of the present article is to explain to the seafarers which exactly specialist is needed in this or that situation.

It’s clear, that there are various problems as well as there are various situations when the marine lawyers take on either civil or criminal cases. But it’s important to realize that salary, injury, sickness, disappearance without trace, death in the sea – this is solely territory of the marine lawyers, as they are mostly qualified in solving such problems.

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