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Compensation due to the death of the seafarer

There was rather hard case we were dealing with and managed to claim the compensation for the family of the seafarer who has died aboard the vessel Theoxenia.

I’ll describe the difficulties of the case.

  1. The vessel Theoxenia has been arrested for more than 6 months in India for the debts in front of the third persons.
  2. For more than a year the salary is not being paid on the vessel and the total debt constitutes about 250 000$.
  3. The death of the seafarer had a natural character.
  4. Under the contract a small sum of compensation is predisposed.

As you can see it, before taking this case on, we clearly realized what we are going to face and what difficulties we are going to suffer. Moreover taking into account the financial condition of the ship owner, we couldn’t grantee to the family that the compensation would be paid at all. However the harder is the case, the more interesting the work is, and subsequently the result achieved brings some additional pleasure.

As a result, regardless, the company is almost a bunkrapt we managed to:

  1. To increase the sum of compensation to 600 00$ regardless under the contract it was stipulated much less sum.
  2. Apart from the above mentioned compensation to gain the outstanding wages for the whole worked out period.

I consider the result to be more than satisfactory, taking into account the factors effecting this case – inability of the company to be responsible for the debts and a prolonged period of the vessel arrest.

One more case has been closed. The family is expecting the money to its account.

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