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BBC CITRINE: over 250 000$ loss

One more case of mine has come up to its end. If you follow my articles and information I’m posting attantively, you’ll be able to recollect the case dealing with the BBC CITRINE vessel arrest.

We had arrested the vessel in the interest of the Ukrainian seafarer due to the company’s unwillingness to peacefully settle the issue. To be more exact, not completely unwillingness, but dragging out of the settlement process. I.e. for about three months we had been told that we are about to come to the agreement, but in fact nothing was going on.

Frankly speaking, if at the very beginning of our negotiating process we would have been offered a sum of 70 000$ US, our client would have agreed without any hesitation.

But it hasn’t happened. We must have not been taken seriously, which has become a great reason for the vessel arrest.

Let me remind you: a Ukrainian seafarer was injured aboard  BBC CITRINE vessel. As the medical examination, provided by the company, proved that the reason of the injury has become a hard labour, which caused the spine injury, and as a result, inability to perform the duty of a seafarer. I.e. complete loss of workability.

The result.

We reached a peaceful agreement. The ship owner has lost in this judicial proceeding over a quarter of million dollars  ($250 000). Only 240 000 out of them were the compensation expenses for our client, all judicial expenses are included into this sum.

Besides, the ship owner had to pay for the lawyers both in Panama and Ukraine. And this is not a small amount of money.

So, the logical question: if there was a reason to allow the case to run like this, and to lose as a consequence over a quarter of a million or it would have been better to come to agreement at the very beginning of the conflict with us and our client.

As a result, the marine lawyers managed to increase the compensation sum in several times. The client is expecting money to appear on his account.

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