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The Free Neptune’s case prospects

It must be the mostly discussed in the seafarers’ environment  vessel for the last year, as the relatives of the abandoned crew members are trying to do their best to attract all possible attention of various organizations to the problem of non-payment of  wages.

I’ll remind that it deals with the outstanding wages of hundred thousands dollars to the members of two crews.

Brief review

The Free Neptune vessel has been detained in Oman for the great outstanding wages for the crew members. Almost all the crew members remained aboard expecting for the settlement of the salary in full. The ship owner ignores the seafarers’ demands and concocts new excuses over and over again. The seafarers were promised to be repaid the debts by means of selling the vessel to the new owners.

It’s a short review on the situation and the vessel itself. More detailed information is available in internet.

I’d  like to evaluate and discuss the prospects of the crew members on getting the outstanding wages.

I don’t distrust the fact that all the crew members will actually get their salary, I doubt that they will get it in full and promptly.

There are just several variants to solve this problem

Variant 1.

The ship owner finds a buyer and sells the vessel. In this case the outstanding wages are being paid promptly and in full. But there are some nuances. Who wants to purchase a troublesome vessel? And it’s being troublesome is beyond doubt. There is a general rule. The more troublesome the vessel is, the lower its price is. The only hope is that the sum gained will cover the expenses. If I’m not mistaken, they have been talking about a new buyer since July 2016. And as far as you can see, without any progress.

Variant 2.

The trial. In this situation the case can be dragged out for several years. As it’s necessary to initiate the process, to win the case, to get the court decision, probably to go through appellation and only afterwards pass the case to the execution. That is, forced property retail.

My personal opinion is- all this process will take from 3 to 5 years or even longer. Besides, one shouldn’t forget that while executing process there will be a new property evaluation, and I can’t exclude the fact that the vessel itself will be purchased as a scrap iron. Hence the question arises. If the actual property is enough to cover the existing debt, taking into account the trial and other expenses?

The situation is crucial for the seafarers but not futile. According to the papers, each seafarer has earned a lot of money, but to get them quickly seems to be fantastic.

It’s sad but the fact. You should keep being patient and persistent in standing your rights.

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